Saturday, January 28, 2006

Not much poker but

I did play in the bar league last week. Wed. night at Tropical liquors I got 3rd place in the first game, and 2nd place in the second game. Then on Thursday I played in the 7:00 game and got 1st! 3 games, 3 2 1 baby! The cash game is this tuesday and I'm now in first place for points and there is only 1 game betweeen now and the cash game for someone to overtake me.

Dutch and Joey both made final tables in Tunica this month, Dutch 3 final tables, Joey 2 but 1 was a big score for second place! Congrats guys. Also thanks Dutch for the link on your blog!

That Daniel Negraneu kid won another tourney, wow. I guess liberals can play cards too. lol


Right now I'm sitting at Vogue, which by the way is now a wifi hotspot, in otherwords you can now fly around on the web anywhere in the building! Perhaps I will post more blog entries now, time will tell.


I always thought highly of my Uncle Greg. He was a real go getter, who enjoyed high adrenaline sports like hang gliding, and scuba diving. Last week he went on a dive and never came back, lost at sea, how bizzare; Chris, her sisters, and Greg's family my thoughts and prayers are with you.


One poker hand, this one is from a $500 tournament in Tunica. I arrived in T and played a $65 satellite and won! So I was set for the next days $500 tourney. I took it pretty easy that first night, and went back to bed around 12:30 because the tourney started at noon. Instead of waking up refreshed, eating a light breakfast of fuit or perhaps shrimp I slept through 2 wake up calls and was nearly 2 hours late showing up to the tourney. Each player started w/ 1500 in chips and I figured on the way to the tourney that I should still have close to 1200 to play w/ so all is definately not lost, however, my focus, and state of mind where not where they should have been! I felt rushed and out of touch. After folding for the most part, and donkeying off a pot, after about 20 minutes this hand came up:

Me approx. 900 in chips in the cutoff (1 before the button). Under the gun player (first to act) makes a big raise about 5 times the big blind, fold, fold, fold, then a player 2 to my right tries to limp. He was unaware that the UTG player had made a big raise. The floor was called over and the ruling was that he could fold his hand, but the limp stayed in the pot or he could call. He decided to call but it was obvious to me (and probably everyone else at the table) that he was weak. 2 thoughts, first when a not so great player over raises pre-flop you should automatically consider that jacks are a likely holding and in this case that thought certainly crossed my mind. secondly wow there is alot of dead money out there! What to do . . . . . . well I squeeze apart an A3o, hmmmmm now what. Well here's exactly what you should do fold, fold fold. But my donkey ass pushed all in knowing the guy that was asleep at the switch would fold. I was right but the other dude didn't, he did have JJ and they did hold up. Ouch, one mistake is all it takes in NL Texas hold'em to find yourself at the rail! Even I wouldn't normally "donk" off my chips like that, but for some reason I just felt rushed, showing up late, and all. Don't make the same mistake I did.


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Monday, January 02, 2006

Finally a real post

S just got back in town from Boston last night and brought 8 live lobsters w/ her. S, another couple we are friends w/, and I feasted and played a little poker, It was the nuts.

You may know I have been building my club back up for the last 3 1/2 months. Things are on track and doing well. Now I finally get a chance to step back a little and play more poker! The timing couldn't be better because this month there are 2 major tournaments, a WSOP circuit event and a WPT event both in Tunica, MS. It is a little interesting that Jack Binion is no longer hosting the WPT's World Poker Open but instead is hosting the WSOP circuit event. It will also be interesting to see which 10K event gets the most interest. The WPT event is a f 5 day event from 1/19 - 1/23 and the WSOP event is a 4 day event from 1/24 - 1/27. My guess is the WPT 10k event will eclipse the WSOP Circuit 10k event, but I wouldn't be suprised if the WSOP preliminary events are the nuts. I plan to attend at many events as possible, starting with a slew of $500 NL Hold'em events the first of which is Jan. 5. If any of you are planning on attending either of the tourneys send me an e-mail! I will update trip reports from Tunica.

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