Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I busted Cindy Violette!

Wow, my event took back stage in a big way to the mainevent, they shortened the rounds from 1 hr to 40 mins so they could jam us through in 1 day! But there were 758 entrants, each ponied up a dime to play. Round 1 saw my stack go from T1k to less than 500, then at the end of the round I caught some hands and got it back up to 1k. Shortly there after my table broke and I got moved to the same table as Cindy Violette. If you haven't heard of Cindy Violette click on her name it is a link to her bio. She is a real big time pro, one of the best male or female! Also she isn't just a tourney player but an ultra high stakes cash game player. After I busted her, she bought into a High limit triple draw game for 40K! Cindy has also made 2 tables at this years WSOP, the $5000 pot limit, and the $2000 NL. This table was quite a bit more intimidating than my first one and I decided to check them out and play tight for a bit. About 2o mins into it I played at and pulled down a decent pot on the flop, then the next hand I took down the blinds, by this time I had a much better read on the table, plus some new found confidence. One interesting hand, it's folded to the cutoff, (thats 1 seat before the button) and cindy violette limps. small blind folds I'm in the BB and rap the table. Flop came rags, she bet I folded. Pretty boring huh, except that preflop I thought her limp was strange, and I studied her and felt like she had a monster. After I folded she showed AA. She was a little disgusted, cause she had them 3 times already and didn't win any big pots. Anyways I'm at about T1400 and limp in middle position w/ 44. Flop comes j83 2 clubs. 3 players saw the flop and it goes check, I check Cindy checks. Turn a beautiful 4! check, I check, Cindy Violetette goes all in, early limper calls, and I go all in for about 2oo more! Cindy shows a pair of 8's and early donkey had top pair all along and I tripled up! Guys I knocked out Cindy Violette, one of the top 3 female players in the wolrd out of a WSOP event! All in all I played great, my cards really sucked, was up and down, got moved to a table where to my left a guy had a monster stack, the blinds kept comming at me, the deck kept dodging me and I made my stand on the button w/ a9s. It was folded to me, I raised it up, BB put me all in, I called, bb had aq and held up. Finished right about 150th out of 758 players, about 75 out of the money. Sorry I can't leave more now but will check in later.

Phil Ivey is leading the Main Event!



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