Thursday, July 21, 2005

Our first poker god stopped by.

This is a reply I received from Barry Greenstein.

Thanks for the nice write-up on your blog. I think logical thinking is more
important in the long run, but since Mimi had a good teacher (me), having a
good memory made the job easy for me. However, it was sometimes difficult
to get her to extrapolate correctly to situations that were similar to the
ones she had memorized.


********* writes:

> Barry,
> I noticed in your book that you mentioned how Mimi was very intelligent, you gleaned this from the fact that she could remember every hand of a session. My question for you is this:
> In your opinion (which I value more than any other poker player out there based upon my general impression of you and your book) how important is "memory" in NL texas holdem ring games and tourneys? If a player had very superior logical decision making abilities, say in the top .5% would that compensate for having only a slightly above average memory?
> I've heard Doyle mention somehting along the lines of recall of certain situations being important, but I would be very interested in your opinion.
> Thank you for sharing your thoughts and wisdom in Ace.
> Also, if you care to you can check out my new pokerblog:
> Thank you for your time.


Blogger freenanoipod said...

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5:14 AM, October 22, 2005  

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