Monday, October 26, 2009

It hurts. Will work for cookies . . .

My friend David just ran a marathon, finished it respectably, and he's a decade my senior. I prefer to not stray too far from the comfy confines of my Herman Miller Aeron chair. That changed 5 minutes ago. I am still panting as I write these words. Technically, by generally accepted height and weight ratios, my 6'1" frame supporting 207 lbs is just good enough for membership into that not so elite club of obese Americans.

My first couple of strides into my first run in ages and I felt like a new born colt, my legs faltering and I nearly fell. At less than 1/10th of a mile I started cursing myself, berating myself for being so stupid. "This is f#@$ing stupid, what are you thinking" I told myself and then quickly chastened myself, silencing those self defeating thoughts. It was at about this point that my saliva started tasting salty, my head got woozy, and I began to feel like I was going to vomit. I hadn't even made it 1/2 a mile! My goal was to jog to David's house which is less than 1 mile from my own and then limp back. Things actually became a little easier or perhaps I just got used to the pain, for the next bit. A large gradual down hill slope probably helped in this regard and yes I was acutely aware that I would be facing that particular landscape feature again in the not so distant future from a different perspective all together.

I did make it to within site of David's house, and I managed to jog back up the hill, albiet at a slower pace. Back on the main road I walked for one block and then jogged the last stretch. It's a start, we'll see where it goes.

Oh yeah, poker has been running good. Still beating the ring games but switched back to tournaments for a while as a change of pace, the grind was starting to burn me out a bit. Had 2 deep tourney cahses yesterday, finished 280 out of 10,600, and later finished 22nd out of 2,141. Hopefully I'll crack another one of those deep field tournaments soon . . .

Had a nice monopoly score last week too, won $300 in $100 a game monopoly. Managed to steal victory from the mouth of defeat twice as I walked through raindrops. And hit a nice little option lick for 2k profit in 24 hrs, all in all not a bad week.

Off to help a friend with his ongoing computer problems in exchange for his mothers chocolate chip cookies! lol


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