Saturday, September 10, 2005

Bar League Point Standings

Let the games begin! Click the link to your right (in the sidebar) "Bar League Point Standings" to find out where you're at.

Come Join Us! All tournaments are free to play. Two tournaments nightly, at 7:00pm and 10:00pm. Monday Club Vogue, Tuesday Shilo Bar and Grill, Wednesday Tropical Liquers South, Thursday Thirsty Turtle, Fri,Sat, & Sun are all open.

Updated Through 9/27/05

1 Aaron Atkins 960000
2 Benedict Nagy 830000
3 T Lockhart 820000
4 Peeps 770000
5 Chase Lucas 470000
6 Ryan Lynch 460000
7 Jay Yeager 420000
8 Jerod Mickelson 400000
9 Clayton Ridenour 350000
10 Greg Adams 350000
11 Mike Heady 350000
12 Millard Thomas 350000
13 Suzanne Stuebben 300000
14 Kaleb Leeper 270000
15 Daniel Jacob 260000
16 Greg Meyer 250000
17 Kevin O'Neal 250000
18 Buddy Thomas 240000
19 Joe Grass 240000
20 Rhonda McMillian 240000
21 Levi Blanchette 240000
22 Kate Tomlinson 230000
23 Michelle Wilhoit 230000
24 Jesse Langille 220000
25 Vaughn Asi 220000
26 Ashley Vittetoe 210000
27 Ken Jacob 210000
28 Matt Knutson 210000
29 Steve Brackman 210000
30 Annalise Hombs 200000
31 Chris Brown 200000
32 Kay Jackson 200000
33 Kevin 200000
34 Deon Baskett 200000
35 Todd McLoughlin 200000
36 Bob Harris 200000
37 Brandon McElwan 190000
38 Brett Hecker 190000
39 Jon Trunk 170000
40 Nathan Crowe 170000
Bill Weaver 160000
Josh Klingenberg 160000
Krisina Dyer 160000
Andrew Avis 160000
Gretchen Erb 130000
Greg Koebel 120000
Zeb Ore 120000
Casey Lucero 110000
Jed Lewis 100000
Sean McClusky 100000
Ashleigh 100000
Paul McCoubrey 90000
Richard Dody 90000
David Sandoval 80000
Brad Dyer 60000
Brendan Murphy 60000
Carina Mendez 60000
Gerry Blaise 60000
Kris Mitchell 60000
Linda 60000
Mike Jennings 60000
Shawn Bonich 60000
Kelly Gunderson 50000
Paul Arenson 50000
Rick Matheny 50000
Ross Reinhart 50000
Sabine Khoury 50000
Shaun Gamblin 50000
Carrie Gordon 40000
Jason Kimble 40000
Jack Lapping 30000
Jason Vipond 30000
Andrew Saeger 20000
Janet Dyer 20000
Ty Seidel 20000
Adam Masten 10000
Tony Beakton 10000
Anthony Laggart 10000
Charles Wilson 10000
Toolbox 10000


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