Saturday, July 09, 2005

July 9, 2005 Welcome!

Matthew 24:35, "Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away."

Moments ago, while sitting here working on my first blog entry, the doorbell rang, it was a door to door christian/salesperson handing out flyers for their 2005 vacation bible shcool, and the flyer had that bible verse on it. It struck me that it applies equally well to blogging! I'll take that as an omen of good fortune for my blog, on to what really matters in life, poker! . . .

Poker is an all consuming passion for me, you've probably heard how the average male thinks aout sex 169 or so times a day, . . . well for the last 2.5 years I am almost always thinking, breathing, dreaming, playing or reading about poker. Lately I have been following the WSOP through blogs, and even going so far as to open an onling betting account with bodog to place some small wagers on it, just to make it more interesting, (I'm no expert at sports wagering, but it doesn't take Sherlock Holmes, even Larry Holmes could figure out that the vig at bodog's online sports book should be criminal, I don't recommend following my example and wagering on the WSOP or any other contest your odds are terrible!) but I can't get away from the stark reality that I am sitting here in the midwest reading about the wsop, when every pore of my being is screaming to be there! So yesterday I decided to use some of my membership rewards points I had accumulated on my american express card to purchase a round trip ticket to vegas, for next week. Better late than never. Then a friend, a gal who happens to work for me at my gentlemens club called and wants to go too; even better I'll be hanging out at the WSOP with a strikingly sexy stripper, now if I can only convince her to back me in the $1000 buy in 1 day tourney, the one thats held in the middle of the main event. . .

I'll be taking my laptop w/ me to vegas next week and will post my thoughts/observations on things, as well as my first ever WSOP tourney results.

Thanks for stopping by and I think you'll enjoy coming along for the ride as I become a Poker Super Star, I'll occasionally refer to fun stories from my past, the strip club years, as well as share some of the more harrowing things going on in my life.

Please if you have made it this far leave a comment or two! No registration required and I will make every effort to personally reply to each e-mail I receive. You might find my profile interesting as well as the links to some poker pro's blogs, check them out!


"those who hear not the music, think the dancers mad"

About Me:

When I was 16 I wanted to be a rock-n-roll star, so 3 days after graduating high school I found myself on a plane . . . Continued Blog Styleheaded for Los Angeles, promptly enrolled in Musicians Institue (a heavy metal music school) and soon learned that I didn't have a musical bone in my body! After 1 yr of hanging out in LA I returned to my spawning grounds to go to college. 6 months after graduating college I bought a strip club on credit. I've always gotten by on the skin of my teeth, your classic underachiever, applying as little as possible to get by, but somehow things have always worked out. Then I found poker in 2002, right before the poker explosion. I think some deep fundemental part of my being felt the early tremors of the oncoming poker explosion, and liked what it felt. Perhaps for the first time in my life something felt right, something that might possibly fit. School sure didn't, even though I did graduate with my BS in 1994, Business didn't, however my strip club has made me alot of money and been alot of fun at times, personal relationships haven't, I usually burn through a good girl in 1 1/2 to 2 years but for some reason poker just feels right. To be continued, blog style . . .


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Donk- good luck in vegas, keep us posted about the stripper!

2:32 PM, July 09, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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12:25 AM, July 11, 2005  
Blogger Donkey Bait said...

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12:28 AM, July 11, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like the beginning of a great site.... kept my attention all through. A couple suggestions for content....
1. Updates on legal decisions affecting poker,like changes in Federal or State Laws, or a state loosening up gambling/poker limitations.
2. A poker tip of the day/week. Could be focused on newbies or more experienced players. Or even a "suggestion box" for tips.

5:31 PM, July 12, 2005  
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