Friday, September 09, 2005

Donkey Bait Book Review Links Now Up

I added links to my bookreviews, they are on the sidebar to your right.

Speaking of reviews, I got my first copy of All In magazine the other day. It's a slick glossy mag chocked full of good poker stuff. Not all poker journalists are as good of poker players as they are poker lovers. They examined several key hands from NBC's heads up challenge that Hellmuth won, and the hand analysis ( is the plural of analysis, analysi or possibly analysiss?) , imho, were horrible. I would be willing to bet that their analysis seldomly coincided with what the pro's were actually thinking. The dude more than once mistook a set for trips, they are very different ( a set is three of a kind using both of your hole cards, trips is three of a kind using only 1 or possibly none of your hole cards), but more importantly he had poor, incorrect, and elementary understanding of poker strategems.

On the posive side they had an excellent article by Antonio Esfandiari, that was designed to plug his poker camp, but it had lots of really, really good stuff in it, as well as an insight to how he plays. There were tips from other pros as well. All in all,
All In mag, is required material for any poker junkie and gets a solid thumbs up!


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