Saturday, July 16, 2005

Just what is Padugi anyway?

Padugi is a 4 card, triple draw, low ball poker game that was introduced to America by . . . Paul "Eskimo" ClarkI watched Cindy and Paul play padugi and then bumped into Paul the next day and asked him how the game works. Eskimo seems pretty proud of the fact that he introduced padugi, but has also invented some games of his own! Oh boy I just can't wait! lol. Apparently the game originated in Hawaii. A raw padugi is a 4 card hand of all different suits. And a raw padugi beats all other hands except for a lower raw padugi. The best hand you can have would be A234 rainbow (rainbow means no 2 cards are the same suit). If you do not have a raw padugi you may have a 3 card padugi, say your hand is 7cJcQsKd, you would have a 3 card padug because you have 2 clubs, in this case you would have a KQ7 for low and would beat all double suited hands but not very many 3 card padugi hands! They bet after the cards are dealt and between each of the 3 betting rounds. Enjoy!

I got my copy of Ace on the River by Barry Greenstein, will read tonight and post my thoughts on it tomorrow.


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