Wednesday, August 12, 2009

So Far, So Good

My ring game poker experiment started August 1st. With the exception of a couple of small buy in tournaments I have played exclusively $100 buy in NL hold'em on Full Tilt Poker. Click on the image above to expand and see a graph of my winnings. Here are a few stats on my play so far:

Amount Won: $835.05
BB/100: 7.11
$/Hour: $22.63
Hours: 36.9
Total Hands: 5,875
Voluntarily Put Money Into the Pot (VPIP): 23.83%
Pre-Flop Raise: 15.29%

I have been steadily adding to the number of tables that I play concurrently, and while my overall average is 2.42 tables at one time, I have recently been starting each session with 6 tables. 5k hands is not enough to draw any strong conclusions from, 10k would be better, and 25k better yet. I feel like I have been running pretty good; I've taken a few beats, made a couple of costly mistakes, and won my share of coin flips. Overall I feel that these stats might be a pretty good indicator of my win rate. Time will tell.

I use a couple of tools to help me succeed. Poker Tracker 3 keeps all the stats and detailed hand histories for each hand I play. The software also displays a heads up display (HUD) which overlays keys stats on my opponents. I also subscribe to Table Tracker, which scans the available online poker tables and compares the players seated at those tables to the info I have on them in my database and then provides me a list of the tables which may be the most profitable to play at. In order to have enough information in my database to make this useful I have also imported 400K hands that are for the exact table limits that I play at.

In comparing my stats to other players in the database I notice that I am playing more hands, and raising pre-flop more often than most of my opponents. While I am loose and aggressive, I think that I may be leaving too much money on the table, especially on the river. In short I think that increasing the frequency of my bluffs on the river might increase my win rate.


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