Sunday, September 10, 2006

Making up for lost time . . .

It's great to be blogging again! It's about 5:30 am, I just got home from work. I had one of the top 5 days in sales @ Vogue in nearly 12 years! In mc/visa alone we did over $6700.00, wow! I am absolutely 100% beat but it was really nice to see it come together like it did tonight.

Poker tip of the day:

Two of the biggest mistakes that players make in NLTH tournaments are:

1) limping when first into the pot. It is almost always correct to raise if you are the first one to voluntarily commit chips into the pot pre-flop. How many tables do you see player call, call, call, amazing! Nuff said.

2) In the middle and late stages of a tournament, when there are antes as well as blinds, I often see the small blind fold when they are getting enourmous pot odds to call. In NLTH if you are getting 3.5 to 1 pot odds it is always correct to call irregardless of your cards; 72o included. For example say at a 10 handed table the blinds are 400/800 and each player is anteing 100, therefore there is 2200 in the pot. Often times these donkeys limp and lets say that 2 players call the 800. The pot is now 3800. You are in the small blind w/ 72o and it cost only 400 to call. The pot odds are nearly 10 to 1, or nearly 3 times what is required to make the call! I see players w/ average sized stacks fold in this situation and it blows my mind. Big mistake. These are prime opportunites to hit the miracle flop w/ a hand that your opponents will never be able to put you on. This situation occurs in other positions as well. Oft times even if the pot is raised the BB will still have proper odds to call.

Enough for today, goodnight!


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