Saturday, September 09, 2006

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Well I should still be in the low 50's out of over 2100 players, my last tourney really sucked . . . 13th out of 35 and the worst streak of dead cards ever. So to kill the monotony of the game I decided to enter all my chat !sdrawkcab. One player actually got mad at me and kept telling me to type in English, or Englis as he put it. He actually contacted the online duty manager who stopped by to remind us to use only English at the tables. Once he figured out what I was doing it was all cool. Most of the table seemed to enjoy it and I got Good Game all around after I busted out (except Kogs, the guy who didn't !ti teg)

Monster online tip of the year
(how to induce a bluff/ or get an all in call):

There is a technique that can help you win or place in far more than your share of online tournaments. In order to be successful in these things one needs to get maximum value out of their rare monster hands. It does no good to have to milk the pot on the river for a few extra chips, you need to give yourself the best possibility to double up your stack w/ your monster hands. Here is how you do it:

Set up: Early in the tournament when your stack is sometimes 100 - 200 times the BB you need to be fairly active. Play some educated "bad" poker. Limp a lot. When it is checked to you make small feeler bets, you need people to see you as a loose player who bluffs a lot, and as an idiot. Normally you will actually pick up enough of these pots to remain even or better, plus the pots are so small in relation to your stack that you aren't risking much.

Step one: Limp with all pocket pairs when atleast one of your opponents has a deep stack. It does no good to hit a set and only win a little.

Step two: Hit your set.

Step three: The Flop- Hollywood, if you are first to act do a slight pause and check. You are trying to do the "old" appears like I am done w/ the hand standard check and get it over with thing. If you are facing a bet you have to pause for several seconds pretending to mull it over, then grudgingly call. The speed at which you make your plays is crucial to getting the best chance for a big river bluff or to have them call your all in on the river. You ideally want to slowly build the pot, many players feel "pot committed" when they have bet twice or called 2 bets regardless of the amount of money. If they ever raise or call a raise this is even more true.

Step four: The Turn- This is a little trickier because it depends on the action from the flop. If they are the aggressor and bet into you it's time to re-raise. Your re-raise should be relatively small in comparison to their bet, usually the minimum. if they bet 1k into you raise them 1k. This accomplishes 2 things: First it builds a bigger pot and secondly it reopens their betting giving them a chance to re-raise you which will give you the double up you need.

If they check to you, you need to pause, pretending to think about the hand and then make a smallish bet, a feeler bet, of about 1/2 the size of the pot. If you are first to act and there was action on the flop you should also make this play. If you are first to act and there was no action on the flop you need to take a good look at the texture of the board, you want to feed them a little line, a bet you feel they will call. If they fold, well there wasn't anything you could do about it.

Step five: The River- The river is actually simpler than the turn. If you are first to act and there has been action pause for just a second and then quickly push all-in. You are trying to appear like you are bluffing and made a rash spur of the moment decision. You will be surprised at how often top pair, crappy kicker will call you in this situation! If they are first to act and you set it up well, many players will bluff at you trying to steal the substantial pot.

Just like live tournaments, online tournaments are filled with level 1 thinking players who will fall prey to this time and time again. Even better players sometimes make mistakes because they will be seeing you as the fish based upon your earlier play. AXs is not nearly as good a candidate for this play because a) it doesn't hit as often, and b) when it does the flush cards scare people. Sets are very well disguised as are double gutter straights.


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