Thursday, March 02, 2006

Another win

in Wednesday nights bar league.

I got off to a good start, but then lost most of my stack when my kings got busted by AJ. I've got about 10k in chips left, and the blinds are 1k/2k when this interesting hand comes up. 3 limpers and I look down and find 99 in the small blind. With only the big blind left to act behind me I have 4 opponets in this pot. I considered limping myself and trying to flop a set but quickly decided to push all in. Being relatively shortstacked I was concerned that some of the looser players would call. 99 is also a tricky hand to play in a multiway pot. Knowing that hitting a set is unlikely (8.5 to 1), and on top of that I' ve probably got the best hand, the prospect of narrowing the field to heads up, and going after those chips that I so desperately needed made the all in a very compelling move. Everything went according to plan. Only one player called, w/ A6s and my glorious nines held up nearly tripling me up. I wish poker was always this easy!

With about 18 players remaining I was in the top third in chips but still short stacked in relation to the blinds. I made it to the final table with an average stack and stole blinds when I could while picking my spots carefully and managed to make it to the final 3. Millard, a rock, took a bad beat and I was now heads up w/ a slight chip lead. Fortunately for me my opponet was a tell box, but after I chipped away at her she switched to all in mode. That made things more difficult and I layed down several hands untill this hand came up. Blinds are 16k/32k and I am a 2 to 1 chip leader. She is on the button and limps in. Remember she had been pushing alot, but I had a good read on her and sensed that she held a monster. The flop came JT4 rainbow pairing my T8. Normally this is a good hand heads up but I had her on QQ, possibly AA, KK, AK, AQ. I checked and she bet. I folded and called her hand which she showed! I love it when I do this, it really impresses the onlookers! I chipped away at her stack for a bit and then called her all in w/ JQs which held up for the win! I can honestly say that I played perfect poker from the nines on, stealing what I could and making excellent reads with no misteps!

A couple of friends and I played a few games at my house later, I won the first, got 2nd in the second tourney, and later won a heads up match. Not a bad poker day.

2 more cool things happened, One of the bar league players who plays a solid game asked to change seats at the final table saying he wanted to be on my left because I "terrify" him. Later at my house Aaron a winning online player who also plays in our league told me that he thought I was the best poker player he knew. Thanks for the compliments guys!


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