Wednesday, February 01, 2006

3 2 1 6 1 . . . 70.05 . . . 300

There are different perspectives one can tell a story from, and for this entry I decided to use the perspective of the bar tab. It tells a story too:

1 Chicken Wrap 6.25

Food Sub-Total 6.25

1 Captain Morgan Short 2.50
1 Captain Morgan Dbl 4.00
2 Bud Light Pint 5.00
2 Absolut Shot 6.00
3 Captain Morgan Dbl 15.00
1 Bud Light Btl 2.50
8 Lemon Drops 24.00

Beverage Sub Total 59.00

Total 70.05

I have rediscovered the world of beer; did you know that you can add a shot of vodka to your favorite lager to spice it up a little? I'm not sure my life will ever be the same since this discovery!

I started off w/ a captain to get warmed up in the 7:00 game, and quickly followed that w/ a double. Then slowed down a bit and switched gears to beer (w/ a shot), and paced my self well for the 10:00 money game. A few drinks into it and and things aren't going so well. Not because I'm drunk but because Suzzane keeps calling me w/ hands like T50 and catching! Before long my big stack is a little stack and things don't look so good. A couple of beats later and I'm down to 3 lowly black chips and w/ 3 full tables left I'm on life support. I will say this I never even thought about giving up and picked my spots well and w/ a couple of well deserved breaks managed to walk through raindrops and slowly build my stack back to a respectable level.

Final table time and we all have comprable stacks. Notice the entry on my tab for 8 lemon drops! That was my victory toast! Steve played a good game and had me way outchipped head to head, but I took it down in a very decisive manner! First place $300! If you haven't figured it out the 3 2 1 6 1 correspond w/ my finishes in our bar league in the last session.

Dutch and I had a conversation not to long ago about the "perfect path" or "the line" I believe was the term that D used. What he was talking about was picking the perfect spots, and following the line from where you are in a tournament to the winners circle. I certainly found that perfect path when I got shortstacked and never wavered from it. Anyway that's my random thought for today, cheerio.


Blogger Boo-Boo said...

I miss your crazy ass. Good luck in the poker tournaments. From a friend that couldn't hang.

10:05 PM, February 03, 2006  

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