Sunday, September 25, 2005

Word of the day "Unenployable"

My calves are soar, my lower back is killing me and I feel pretty much like I've been ran over by a small truck. All because I worked a couple of days.

Friday night the GM of my club and I had a falling out. There were alot of things slipping at the club and now I get the opportunity to jump in and fix it! So last night I wasn't sure what to expect, with the club. One of my biggest concerns was who was going to show up. As it turns out, we lost 1 waitress, and 1 floor host and that's it.

So I stumble in to work at 5:30pm and started setting up the club. This is when I realized just how unemployable I am. If you too would like to ruin any future chance of gainful employment just follow my simple 2 step plan. 1- Buy a strip club and become an absentee owner for 5 years or more. 2- Play Poker! You should have seen me trying to windex down glass table tops, and clean ashtrays. I honestly don't think I even have the skills to be a busboy!

I just heard a cool quote on TV. "The man who thinks he can, and the man who thinks he can't are both right. Which one are you?" I'll choose the later. I've gone from not knowing if I could buckle down and fix the club to seeing some awesome changes. Sometimes just a little effort can go a long, long ways. I feel great about everything at work now, we have had 3 smashing nights, and the troops are all doing a fantastic job. Ced and the crew have really stepped up to the challenge of turning Club Vogue back into the best gentlemen's club in the Mid-west!

I've got 2 birthday parties to stop by tonight, and then I'll crash early and get some hard earned ZZZZ's in and then it will be off to work early Monday to clean up from the hard weekend. I'm kinda jonesing to play poker but it looks like my next opportunity won't be untill monday night's games at the club.

Ben and Paul, sorry about yesterday, I had to take care of some business, but I lookforward to playing soon! Thanks Starr for your expert "advise" yesterday and Greg, man, without your help things would have been a clusterf@#K, Thank You.


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