Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Where to begin? Lots of poker stuff!

I think I will start with last night and work back in reverse chronological order, for the most part.

Last night the poker league played at Shilo's bar and grill. I got 2nd place in the 7:00, and 5th place in the 10:00 game. Not bad I guess, but I was disappointed on how they turned out.

When the first game got down to heads up, Ryan had just busted out the other player and had me outchipped about 4 to 1. He went all in on on the first heads up hand, I folded. Then I stole some blinds (4k, 8k). Once again the blinds were so high in relation to the stack size that you don't have much of a choice, you need to catch some cards, but I did make a mistake, here it is. Ryan was on the button (heads up that is the small blind) so he is first to act pre flop then last to act in all following rounds. He just called. Now the pot has 16k, and I've got about 20k left. Obviously I need this pot, and then I need to double up. I was pretty sure he wasn't slowplaying a good hand here, and my 23s is not great but I might as well go all in here right? That would be the play most players would make, and was the play I made. This gives you 2 ways to win, he can fold, or you can make a hand in a situation where you are probably only a 60-40 dog. Like I said, I did push all in and he called and his K7o held up. Certainly not a terrible play on my part but this play would have been better, the stop and go.

A stop in go is when you raise, but not all in, and hold back enough chips to make a move at the pot regardless of what comes on the flop. The idea is that you may win with your original raise, you may catch cards, or you may win when you go all in on the flop. It is more powerful when you are first to act (out of position).

Now, some good tourney players would certainly be looking for the stop and go here but many players would not. In our hand, had I raised 10k more he probably would have called (he did call the all in, and he was unlikely to raise w/ the K7o, remember I had a read on him and knew he didn't have a premium hand. When the flop missed us both I would have lead out all in for my last 10k, and he would have thought about it and finally mucked his cards, and I would have picked up a nice pot, and be only 1 double up away from a dominating chip position!

The moral of the story is the next time you find yourself shortstacked consider the stop and go, especially if you are out of position. It can work w/ position, but you run the risk of an agressive player bluff leading into the pot on the flop, then even if you do go all in he may have to call based upon pot odds. Also if someone checks to you first then your all in doesn't have as much weight, it is more likely you are stealing than when you are first to lead into a pot with players yet to act behind you. And always remember: most flops, miss most hands, . . . most of the time! :)

I'm going to take a break, but I've got a trip report from the boats, and a drunken online $100 sit-n-go to report on later! Lots of good poker stuff and 1 horror story (I haven't decided for sure yet whether or not I'll share the horror story, but I am leaning twards doing just that) coming down the pike!

Also I added a link to, (my place) lots of new stripper pics there! -- Now over 25K unique visitors!


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