Sunday, September 11, 2005

Some drinks are more expensive than others

As far as transportation goes I've always liked my daily driver, a 1995 Lexus LS400. The car has always been real reliable, gets pretty darn good gas milage, Is the easiest to drive car I have ever owned and has a V8 w/ good horsepower to boot. But my favorite feature of the car is it's stock Nakamichi Sound System.

Now there are certainly louder thugged out systems, but that bass thing has never been my deal. What I like about the Naki, is that it has the best sound quality, or most accurate sound of any car stereo I have ever heard bar none, plus a subwoofer, & 6 disk in dash changer. It has never let me down, so how do I repay it for being so good to me? I KILL it, drown it to be exact.

Matt and I got a drink to go from Hoots and then headed out to Harpo's. I left my drink in the car, in the center cup holder. Later on the way back to the club I hit the breaks and my Vodka Cranberry sailed out of the cupholder straight twards the radio, and right down the throat of the cassette deck. Perfect shoot, nothing but air. Suprisingly little of the estimated 14 ozs of coctail, managed to find it's way anywhere but deep, deep inside the stereo unit. Poof, the sound died instantly. The buttons stopped working, ie. stuck on one radio station, or activiate the CD player. Matt jokingly said I hope you like 96.7, looks like you'll be listening to it for a while. I only wish. Unfortunately I don't think I'll be listening to anything for a while, atleast not while I'm driving.

My last hope and desire was that this morning, actually midafternoon, when I got up I would find that everything inside had dried out and it would work fine again, but no such luck.

One more thing, those people at Hardees are assholes. Is it just me or do people become stupider and stupiderer year after year at an alarming rate, nearly exponential. 3:30 am, I'm hungry so Matt and I swing into the Hardees drive thru for some breakfast grub, we order 2 breakfast croisants w/ ham total about $3.27. After about 5 minutes of waiting I note the time. 28 minutes later we've moved from 4th place to on deck w/ no sign of improvement in the near future. I decide I have to get a better look, so I get out of my car and walk around the SUV infront of me to peer in the drive thru window. Some fat, nasty, stupid, african american is waddling around doing absolutely nothing. I tap on the window and she just scowls. Unbelievable. I return to my vehicle and decide the breakfast isn't so important, but I am trapped between the building and a concrete curb w/ shrubs on the right, and 2 vehicles, to the front and rear. Now the way I see it this is my time and my apitite isn't what is was 35 minutes ago and I wanted to leave. I also wanted to carefully back up about 2 feet, cut the wheel hard to the right, gingerly crawl over the curb and mow down those shrubs! (you can decide for yourself whether I did what I wanted to do or not.)

I played 2 cash tournaments last night. Caleb, his friend, Peeps, Wes, Matt, and I all anted up (actually Wes passed out so it was just 5 of us. I won the first tourney, and once again busted out first in the second tourney when my 55 failed to thwart off peeps KQ. So much for presto.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I told you man you gotta stop drinking an driving!

11:31 AM, September 12, 2005  
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