Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Out in first, errrr First Out I mean!

I played in the 10pm Shilo game last night, well kinda sorta, I played 1 hand. I'm in early position of our 8 handed table and find AQs. Remember the blinds are 250/500 and we only start w/ 8500 in chips giving us an M of 11 (M = Your Stack Size divided by [BB + SB + any antes] and tells you how many rounds you can last at the current level. What this means is you have to mix it up. In a large tourney w/ a starting stack size of say 10,000 and blinds of say 25/50 you can have an M of well over 100. So as much as I don't like AQs in early position throwing the hand away is a terrible play, as is limping. The hand figures to be the best and the only question is how much to raise. I settled upon a strong standard raise to 2500 straight for a couple of reasons. From early position I could raise less, but out of position I didn't want to play anymore than 1 opponet. If I was reraised I could still get away from the AQs If I sensed strength. Well I got 1 middle positon caller and 1 late position caller. Interesting, I still likely have the best hand. The flop came K,rag,rag 2 clubs, no apparent str8 draw. but did give me the nut flush draw w/ 4 clubs. I've got 6000 in chips left and the pot has over 8K in it. I want those chips! I'm first to act, hmmm what to do. What kind of hands would have called and not reraised preflop? A strong ace, or KQ are possibilities as are small and medium pocket pairs. KJs? some players might. I could check with the intention of raising all in on a semi bluff, lead out at the pot representing a pair of k's or push all in. With the pot so large in relation to our stack sizes any bet less than all in would be make a very tempting call for any top pair, flush draw, or hand like TT. The way to get those chips is to push all in, even that is a less than pot sized bet, but that move gives me 2 ways to win, my 2 opponets fold or I catch the flush. Middle position went in the tank for about 1 minute and called w/ AK, the club never came and poof I was out. It was definately an agressive play on my part, but I'm convinced the all in was the correct play. If I had raised less preflop and got the 2 callers I would have had more options on the flop but who's to say I wouldn't have been reraised by the AK?

Gonna try and get some points at tonights game.

Here's a pretty cool hand type frequency chart I found.


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