Saturday, September 17, 2005

Lots of links

Earlier I added 2 links. Then I added another and re-edited the post, then another, ditto, ditto.

Today I added many new links. They are all excellent links and I profit in no way from any of these links (note 2 exceptions: 1- David Williams site kinda sucks 2- I get an affiliate bonus from the Paradise Poker banners). I have waded through all the online poker garbage for you.

Poker Tracker is the hugely popular and excellent online poker tracking software. The demo allows you to import 1000 hands. A must for any serious online player. The tournament director software is an excellent tournament management tool and poker clock. It is donation ware, if you use it and like it you can donate (not to me!). Pro player David Williams's site has a blog (not a very good one), but pro Andy Bloch's World Poker Tour (unofficial) fan site is pretty good. Also a couple of poker magazine home pages, a link to everything you ever wanted to know about chip tricks, the official WPT site, and round out the additions. Poker Updates has cool video interviews w/ players, and covers live tourneys and has a couple of worthwhile strategy articles. Playwinningpoker is done by pro Steve Brecher and is a good resourse for online strategy. has interviews w/ top pro's and the poker odds resourse is good to read to brush up on your odds, and hand match ups. Enjoy.


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