Saturday, September 17, 2005

A little poker

I'm still waiting for Jeremy to e-mail me the current point standings.

Unfortunately I only added 10K to my point total this week, that is 1 8th place finish. In a way I was both lucky and unlucky to get the 10k.

The hand I misread or I pulled a T.J. Cloutier:

Fairly early I played 78o. The flop came 7,6,2 and Ben, a solid agressive player, check raised me all in on the flop. I sensed he was weak and called with my top pair, but oops, I didn't have 78o, it was 89o!!! "I remember Ben saying, who's overs are better" and I responed "Over's, I've got a pair". Luckily he had JQ and I turned an 8! My 88 held up and I made a not so smooth double up.

I'm happiest when I've got a stack, and now I could open up my game. Before long I had the tourney chip lead by a mile. Down to about 12 players and this hand comes up. Me small blind w/ KK. Aaron in late position makes a standard raise and I sense that he will call so I quickly push all in. He calls w/ AQ and rivers the A, doubles up and now my big stack is only a "normal" big stack. I make the final table w/ an average stack, but get knocked out in 8th, when my A8 gets called by the big blind who had KT. The big blind got lucky and to the rail I go. I certainly got plenty of action on key hands where I was a good favorite, but in the end an unfortunate turn of beats was to much to overcome.

On a positive note I have been crushing our cash tourneys. The last 5 times we have gotten together I have won atleast one of the tournaments outright, and in 2 instances won 2. One trend I have noticed is that I have won the first tourney we play 4 times now, and I think I relax, not to mention, drink more after the first win.


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