Friday, September 09, 2005

Happy Birthday Slenker! Some disjointed poker, and Matt's bad beat

Well I set sail with the captain, morgan that is and arrived at Hoot-n-annys for their 9pm game. My very first hand was QJ, and I was under the gun so I limped in. Now these donkeys at hoot-n-annys always call and almost always limp in and It was no suprise when 7 of us saw the flop of J,rag,rag. I led out 150 into a pot of 140 and got 1 caller. Turn a rag, I bet 300 donkey calls, and looks real weak. River another rag, I check, he checks and I win a nice pot, he had JT! What possible hand he thought he could beat I'll never know!

I had a bit of a conundrum because Matt and I had to be at the Thirsty Turtle at 10 pm for the league game, so we both decided to play a little fast. With 20 mins to go or so I peered down and found 77 in the small blind, there were 3 limpers so I made it 250 all day long, and with the blinds at 10-20 that represents a raise of about 12.5 times the big blind! Of course they all call!!! What donkeys! The flop comes A,7,4 rainbow (rainbow means no possible flush draws), about as good a flop as you can expect! I could slow play my monster set but I'm hoping these donkeys that called that huge raise might have an A, maybe AK was trying to be sneaky (bad play by the way) so I lead out a small bet of 200 into the huge pot of 1020. Against good players that would be a weak play. Unfortunately 2 donkeys fold, but Harry goes all in over the top! Of course I call in a heartbeat. Now I figure Harry has a hand like AJ, or AT, (both donkey hands) but he turns over A2!!! What a donkey! My set holds up and I drag a huge pot, while Harry acts all indignant and storms out, wow!

It's almost time to go so I slide about a third of my monster stack over to Matt (under the table) and we start playing real fast. Unfortunately one of us wins another monster pot! After a couple of all ins, a friend of ours Wes finally wins most of our chips but I've still got em covered by quite a bit so I say "to the victor belong the spoils", slide the rest of my chips to Wes and head out to the Thirsty Turtle. By the way, Wes ended up placing in 3rd, so my chips weren't wasted after all!

Matt's Bad Beat:

It was Slenkers birthday, so there was no chance of slowing down. A couple of drinks into the tourney and I find A8 in the big blind. Matt makes a standard raise from late position and I call saying "don't mess with my blinds". I put Matt on a quality hand, probably 2 bid cards. If the flop comes rags I'll lead steal at him, If not probably give up the pot, and if there is an A, I'll lead out at the pot for info and just have to trust my read. Well the flop comes rags so I lead out. Matt raises, now I know that Matt knows that I don't have to have a hand to bet at that pot, so he doesn't necessarily have to have a hand to raise me, however I still sense some strength, but throwing caution to the wind I reraise him leaving just enough chips in my stack to get way from the hand If I really want to. If he does have the big pair he's representing he'll probably shove all in, and I'm not in the mood to walk away from this large pot. Well thats exactly what happened, we got it all in and he shows QQ. The turn was an A!!! Sorry Matt, you had the best hand, but man it sure was nice for once to give out a bad beat instead of just receive them all the time!

About 1 drink later I wake up with KK, manage to screw the hand up real good, but did knock out 2 players and drag a monster pot.

Final Table Time

I grab a seat next to Kate and compare stacks, we're the chip leaders. With Millard to my left, Kate on my right, the conversation was great and with Caleb, Peeps and Chase lurking in the background along with Slenker steadily pounding Jack Daniels this was a recipe for a fun final table. A new player, Lisa or Laura was calling virtually every hand and making some miracle catches, she dealt out beat after beat. I believe that Kate and I got 4th and 5th place respectively, however it could have been 5th and 6th place. A good time was had by all.

After a little fooseball, Chase is the man here, I catch a ride to Calebs place and we proceed to . . . play more poker! 2 cash tourneys, I won the first, and busted out first in the second. I wake up around noon at Calebs in a lazy boy chair, cab it home, pick up my car, and it's about time to put together another game!

Slenker asked if I would mind posting league points on donkeybait and I gladly obliged so every Friday I'll post a link w/ our point standings, hopefully starting tonight. Chow for now.


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