Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Great read gone bad!

In the 10pm bar tourney last night, held at Vogue, I played an interesting hand that sent me to the curb. Blinds were 500/1000 and remember each player starts w/ 8500. My stack was around 10.5k. An early position player raised to 3K straight, It was folded to me in late position and I just called. Here is my thinking here. He seemed strong, had me outchipped and I thought it was possible that he had a monster like AA or KK, but I had position on him and trusted my ability to read him on the flop, if I hit. In these fast tourneys w/ limited chips I certainly didn't want to raise and be pot commited w/ kqo. The flop came K,Q,J, rainbow (rainbow means different suits, no flush draw out there), however there certainly were many straight draws, and if he had a hand like KK, unlikely, because I had the other K, or QQ, same deal, I was in bad shape. If however he had AA, as I thought likely, I'm in great shape. I didn't feel like he could have had JJ because most players, especially intermediate level players, lead out stronger w/ JJ because they are afraid of overcards and his pre-flop bet felt to me like it was saying "please call or raise" not "please fold". (learning to play JJ like any other premium hand is essential to your poker development), anyway, AA, AK, or AQ, were the 3 most likely hands that I felt he had. I believe he checked the flop and I raised it 5k leaving only a couple left over. I could have shoved all in but I thought I was in the lead here and wanted to make sure and get all of his chips in the pot. He re-raised me all in and I called. So far so good. He showed AA and I commented "I knew it" which isn't totally true. Reality is that I thought it was likely, but wouldn't have been suprised to see AK, and AT didn't feel right. I was nearly a 2 to 1 favorite but unfortunately the turn was another J, which counterfited my 2 pair and gave him aces up. Oh well. Great read gone bad.

As is often the case after I lose or win a key hand I'll think about it and ask myself if there was anyother way to play the hand that would have resulted in losing less or winning more. In this case the only other option I had would have been to play a small pot here. By not betting into it he would have (maybe) led out small on the turn and I could have called it down, but this would have been a bad play for a couple of reasons. First, the flop was scary, I couldn't afford to let any str8draws take free cards, also there is no guarantee that he wouldn't put me all in anyway. Sometimes you just have to throw down w/ the best of it to protect your hand and hope it holds up.


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