Monday, September 19, 2005

The Constant Gardner

I finally went and saw the only movie I have been looking forward to in quite some time. Ofttimes when our expectations are high, a letdown is common and that was partially true with this movie. The Constant Gardner is the tale of a british diplomat and his fanatical tree hugging wife. She accompanies him to Africa and gets caught up in this liberal anti pharma business stuff, and has to be silenced by the evil pharmaceutical companies before she brings to light their unethical drug testing programs.

I won't spoil the movie here, but the movie had strong political overtones that overshadowed an otherwise good story. Less time should have been spent on trying to make people hate big biz, and more time on producing a good movie! Why can't movies just be good movies without some liberal trying to further influence the gullible with underhanded techniques or yellow journalism? The cinematography was done in a shaky, rough manner that almost felt like a home movie at times. The overall effect made it seem more "real". My friend Star asked me if it was a true story, and I'm sure many others would have the same impression. I can picture a Barbara Streisand or (that idiot actor who married Madonna and runs, not only off to Africa to fight aids, but his mouth off all the time) Sean Penn citing this movie like it was fact, using it to support their anti conservative rhetoric.

The lowdown, it's worth the price of a matinee ticket or a small popcorn but not both.


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