Thursday, September 08, 2005

Calling Stations are my Nemisis

It took me longer than most, but I HAVE learned that you can't bluff a calling station (a usually loose, passive player that calls with terrible holdings and chases draws, they can't be bluffed easily because they are to stupid to fold), but nonetheless they still seem to mess me up. In last nights bar tourney, I busted out fairly early w/ AK. AK is the hand that sends more people to the rail in NL tourneys than any other hand! Out of position callingstation donkey calls my preflop raise w/ 45o. Flop 873, giving donkey a gutshot str8 draw. Donkey checked and I knew donkey was weak, as donkey is very easy to read and I pushed all in. Donkey calls! and catches a 4! Oh well. Always have atleast a pair when betting into callingstation donkeys?!

Next a bunch of us, 8 to be exact played a cash tournament and . . . I won! Was heads up against Peeps for about 30 minutes and came back from behind to pull it off. I was on the button and limped w/ AQ, he pushed all in w/ A7 I called in a snap and it held up! Was a good match all in all.

I haven't forgot about the other upcoming posts I mentioned in my last post, I'll get to them eventually.


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