Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Wish I was back in Tunica

but unfortunately I have to do some work on my house that I am trying to sell and take care of some other business.

Last week when I went to Tunica I showed up with $400, planning on playing satellites for a shot at getting into the tournaments. I really, really tore the 1 table satellites up. They were spreading $65 1 table satellites, winner gets $550, $120 1 table satellites, winner gets $1100, and occasionally larger ones which I did not play in. I chopped (chopping occurs when the final 2, sometimes 3 players agree to divide the prize money up rather than play out the satellite) my very first satellite. All in all out of 15 satellites I won 2 outright and chopped 4 others. That's a pretty good run.

With my satellite wins I was able to play 2 tournaments as a total freeroll. the $300 NL hold'em tournament with over 850 players and the $500 NL hold'em tournament that had over 550 players. In the first I made it into the top third, well out of the money.

The second Tournament, the $500, was about as ugly a tournament as I have ever had. I never oncy had a pair or better (including pocket pairs) untill my final hand. The only pot I won was on the second hand of the tournament. The blinds were 25-25, and I had AK under the gun. I raised to 50 and everyone folded, not a bad outcome, but certainly hardly even qualifies as a pot. On my final hand, about 3 hours into the tournament, I found myself w/ KT on the button. There was one limnper, I limped, the small blind called and along with the big blind 4 of us saw a flop of QJT rainbow. I was last to act with a pair of tens and an open ended straight draw. The turn came a 9, giving me my K high straight and putting 2 spades on the board. I figured I had the best hand, knowing well that any AK could beat me, but didn't put any players on AK. Me and the original limper got it all in and we each showed KT for the 2nd nut straight. Unfortunately he was on a freeroll (we had tying hands and would chop the pot unless another spade came on the river giving him a flush and the whole pot). Even this chopped pot would have been nice as there had been signifigant action on the flop and I stood to pick up some additional chips. To my dismay the 2 of spades spiked on the river and I lost to runner, runner. Oh well.

All in all I was very happy with my tournament results, I got to play 2 tournaments for free, plus made additional money from the satellites. I wish I could say that the trip was a moneymaker, but I decided to sit down at my first ever live Pot Limit Ohaha game and got creamed. Chalk that up to more poker tuition expenses I guess.

I got a new toy yesterday, it is an Alcohawk personal alcohol breathalyzer. Recent technological advances have brought the price of these things down to less than $100, and they are accurate to .01% at a bac of .1%. You can find them on The only catch is you are supposed to stop drinking 20 minutes before breathing into the unit or your results will be scewed by actual alcohol in your mouth, not your breath. I have found that waiting 10 minutes offers accurate results, plus who can stop drinking for 20 mins! I was pleasantly suprised to learn that I can have more drinks than I thought, and still be legal to drive! This thing is really cool, works great, is accurate, and educational. A couple of years ago I refused a police breathalyzer test based upon my attorney advice and figuring I would exceed .08 and get a dwi. As a result of refusing the test I lost my license for 1 year. Now I know that I would have been fine and should have blown into their silly machine, oh well.

One mroe poker hand, this one from last nights bar league. down to probably 18 players, 3 tables of 6. I've got an average stack and pick up A5s under the gun + 1. The blinds are huge, 2k/4k and knew that 2 players still to act had poor hands (by the way they responed when looking at their cards) so I pushed all in. The Big Blind, this crazy loose calling station girl, calls with k8o!!! I catch an unecessary 5 on the flop and she somehow manages to make a flush by the river to knock me out. I guess I should have done a stop and go, bet half my stack preflop, then push the rest in regardless of what comes on the flop.

Gonna try to get some things done today. Hope to check in later.



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