Monday, August 22, 2005

New Links

I added some new poker links today. 2+2 is the definitive think tank strategy page covering just about every aspect of poker. This is the Sklansky/Malmuth stuff. Pocket Fives is a cool site my friend Matt turned me onto. They rank the top online tournament players, pretty interesting. Pokerwire is done by Full Tilt Poker and covers large events in real time. Poker Portal is a collection of hundreds of online poker links. And finally poker pulse is the Industry site that tracks traffic counts to various online poker sites. Enjoy!

Also I played 4 tournaments at my house yesterday, only 4 players, won 2. One of the players was quite drunk, and was playing like a total maniac! He continued to go all-in, repeatedly both pre flop and on the flop, occasionally on the turn. This really changed my game, usually I am the aggressor, but in this case I limped on any 2 cards I wanted to see the flop w/ except big pocket pairs and let him bet my hands. During the first match I was just looking to flop top pair to call his all in's with, alas, it never happened and I went out first in the tourney. However that strategy worked well in 2 of the 4 and is the best way to handle a crazy all-in opponet!

And the good news is . . . has now had over 20,000 unique visitors!


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