Sunday, August 21, 2005

2nd Break

I stole one good pot, and a couple of blinds, but it's been a poor hour overall. Stack T16,800, average 24,300. I haven't had anything to work with, and my speculative/drawing hands have been raised out preflop. I got moved to a new table w/ less than 1 min left before this the second break. I don't recognize any of the players at my new table but fortunately the 3 stacks to my left are all smaller than me, then there's a 27k stack, a tiny 300 stack, 16K, 33K, 31K, and on my right 11k. There are 79 players left. Blinds are now 400/800 w/ a 100 ante, so I'll have to pick up my reads quick, and make a move pretty soon.


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