Sunday, August 21, 2005

1st Break Bugsy's 10K Guaranteed Shoot Out

192 players started, $3000 first place, top 20 get paid, starting chips T10K. 3 key hands in the first hour. KQo, under the gun turns a str8, brings down a 14k pot. KK early position flop 962 rainbow, bet pot pulled down a nice score. KQs, middle position, I reraised a solid player, he calls. Turn King, he bets, I call. River a blank, and he bluffs into it w/ ajo, I call and win another key pot. I sensed he was weak but he also didn't bet enough on his bluff to drive me out. Additionally I had him outchipped and he called my reraise out of position, bad idea, he should have folded or reraised. I remember him from 3 years ago when I first started playing poker. In one of my first tournaments I rivered the nut flush but lost to his Q high str8flush. I've watched his play and at the time thought he was a pretty good player. It's interesting how your perspective changes, as you become a better player and notice other players mistakes.

I lost one medium sized pot right before the break. Anyway, my stack is now T19,400 and average is T13,900. 138 players remain. Will update later.



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