Friday, July 22, 2005

You must not be afraid to die, in order to live! . . .

. . .Not sure who first said that, but I have heard pro player Amir Vahedi say it several times.

I now have a scheduling conflict. I just won a multi-table online satellit into Bodog's $100,000 gauranteed tournament this Sunday at 1:00pm. I also won entry into Bugsy's Club's $10,000 gauranteed shoot out, this Sunday at 3:00pm. I would like to mention that I won entry into these cash tournaments through satellites, and won each on my first try!

Todays multi-table satellite rewarded only the top 4 players out of 45 total with an entry to Bodog's $100k event. I was about average stacked throught most of the tourney. We played 6 handed, remember the top 4 all win the same prize, for almost an hour!

When it got down to 2 tables (about 18 players, I started playing more aggressive and came to final table 2nd in chips. However there were several players close behind me, and the chip leader was about 3x my stack. I managed to hold the #2 spot untill we got down to 6 handed, by now the blinds had started to pick up and I took a big hit. All the sudden there are 6 of us and I'm in last place w/ T1800, blinds at 300/600 and chip leader sitting on about T20,000. Action stops as the tournament takes a break, and I'm the bullseye. The chip leader played way to passively and even though he was 2 to my left I was able to steal blinds! Thank God! I picked my spots well and scrapped, and battled my way into second place. Everyone wanted to be in the top 4 and we played 5 handed forever. The chip leader bled and bled his chips away, untill finally I was in second place and he was in second to last place. Unfortunately the other big stacks were to weak to call short stack all ins and the tourney ground on and on. I did call one all in w/ KTo, I believe it was, lost and was critical for a moment, but hung in there and regained 2nd place. Then I got AKs on the button, and made my standard blind steal raise, in this case 2.5 times the blind had been working nicely. Mr. former bigstack/touney leader in the big blind pushed all in, I had him covered and called. He had K4o! Just desserts for him, he was so scared to take a hit earlier that he was widdled down, and had to make his stand like that. My hand held up and he got knocked out!

Don't ever be afraid to die! There were several instances that my tourney life was on the line, but when I was critical it was better to make that move when a double up still mattered! He never learned that lesson, and got what he deserved.

I'm going to take the rest of the night off, and go have a drink! Cheerio!


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