Sunday, July 10, 2005

You make the Play

My favorite libation used to be stoli, with just a splash of cranberry juice but lately I've been drinking Captain Morgans w/ a touch of sprite, and last night was no exception. I set sail with the Captain and arrived at . . .Hoot-n-Annys Bar and grill for their Saturday Night $100 first place freeroll NL poker tournament. About 50 people showed up last night for the $100 bar tourney and I made it all the way through to . . . , heres how it went down. . .
First a little background. Blinds are 10-20 rounds are 15 min and the blinds double every round. Each player starts w/ 1100 in chips, first place pays $100, second $40. On the very first hand, this All In Donkey in middle position goes all in for 1100, and the 3 early and 1 late position limpers all fold. Donkey man scoops the pot and shows 44.

Hand #2:
I'm in middle position, the donk is 2 to my left and there are 2 limpers infront of me when I peer down and find 77. Knowing that this particular group of donkeys like to limp in about 66% of the time and once they do they will call almost any bet that doesn't put them all in made my decision for how to play the hand easy. limp in the hopes of flopping a set and if I do, slow play it to the turn, then check raise all in and quadroople up. So I do infact limp. Donkey man raises all in, hmmmm, "what to do?" I asked myself. Here are some of the things I considered:

  1. As much as I love poker, it's hard to imagine a game less enjoyable than the crazy crap shoot poker put on by Hoot-n-annys and attended by a bunch of sweaty, loud, rude drunks
  2. Only one of my friends is here, perhaps she'll bust out and we can go get a drink together
  3. In order to win this thing I'm going to have to win a couple of coin flips anyway
  4. If I do win I'll be table captain
  5. Donkey man would very likely move all in with any 2 cards 10 or higher plus all pocket pairs, could even be a pure bluff, about the only hands I don't thing he could have would be AA, or KK, he would probably slow play those!

So after carefully weighing all of my options I . . .

You make the Play, just jot down a comment about how you would play the hand and I'll post the results in the comment section after I get a reply. (Hand resolution now up in comments)

After the tourney me and a friend KG, went to a couple of bars, by an after bar party, got sloppy drunk, and I ended up crashing in a Hotel rather than risk the drive home.

I hope to add pictures soon, does anyone know how to download pictures from your sprint pcs phone's web picture storage place?

Poker update, Just busted out of a 1 table, $5.50 satellite to Bugsy's Club's Sunday 10k shootout. I took 3rd when my q4s flopped top pair and ran into a slowplayed king kong. If you haven't tried out Bugsy's Club they are definately worth checking out, the download is big, but imho they have they smoothest, best poker software of any poker site out there. Their players are a little above average, the tournaments are great, but there usually aren't alot of ring games to choose from. Bugsysclub is ran in conjunction with poker school online and poker pages, a great source for poker info and poker blogs. I'm not associated with these guys in any way, but just highly recommend their site!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi Donkey Bait,

thay Donkey you mentioned in your post - must just do that all in first hand to show the table that he will do such things. May do it again on hand 2. He showed the pair first time - only reason is to set up for a later play - why show anyway. Your pair is not such a great hand - odds of a set still not the best - give this one away and play some more - but know that with a 'good hand this donkey will be one to go in with' esp if he does it again very soon - if he does not do it again very soon then when he does he may really have a hand that time - be careful then,

2nd choice - or - what the heck - go at him now, i would put him on an A or K and little with the history of the first play - and if it does not work you can still look around the room for that cutie!

- we read your blog - looks like fun but be careful what and how much you share with all - it may be that all of your girlfriends read this too -

3:41 PM, July 10, 2005  
Blogger Donkey Bait said...

Hand Resolution:

I called, turning over my 77, donkey craned his neck stared hard at my cards, after a few seconds he realized he was in the lead and slow flipped his TT which held up to win the hand and send me to the rail. On the positive side of things my friend Kel busted out shortly thereafter and we kicked it pretty good!

12:39 AM, July 11, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You didn't specify the important details, like blinds and how fast they go up. Payouts and what not. If you start with 10x the BB or 15x the BB (which a lot of bar tournies do) and the blinds go up rather quickly 10-15 mins. Then push those small edges whenever you can. But if you have decent play left, then why not be the aggressor against this guy or go up against him when you have a more solid hand. Mi dos centavos.

12:39 PM, July 11, 2005  

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