Tuesday, July 12, 2005

WSOP Pictures

ESPN's featured Table w/ Mike "the mouth" Matsow

The WSOP is being held in the Rio's conference center, a room about the size of . . .3 football fields, filled wall to wall w/ poker tables. Basically the room is broken down into 5 areas, the main event, final table of yesterdays event, todays event, satellites to tomorrows event, and cash games. I set up my office in an area of empty tables, and with the help of ESPNs wireless network am able to make posts directly from the WSOP! I spotted Greg Raymer and Phil Ivey, both still running good, and Mike the mouth Matasow is at the ESPN featured table, unfortunately I have been unable to get close enough to them to get their pics. The satellites have been delayed until 5:30, and I'm getting ready to go head that direction. Usually if I am stone cold sober I like to have exactly 1 shot of tequilla before I play a satellite or touney, so I headed over to the wsop cash bar. Wow, 1 shot of rotgut tequilla will set you back $6, a budlight bottle $5, and a captain and 7 $7. Kinda uncool, the only other option is to hoof it back to the casino, and it's a pretty good hike. At the WSOP Circuit event in New Orleans they had 2 free bars set up for the players, I'm really suprised some online site didn't sponser a bar here. Full Tilt Poker does have a free hospitality suite, and were kind enough to give me a free hat and t-shirt. I'm downloading the pics now, will post them and then go play my first satellite. www.donkeybait.com just cracked 1000 unique visitors! Later



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