Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Table #62, Seat #8! I got one of my favorite seats, right on the end . . . where I can see all my opponets real well. Should be about 1000 contestants, 1 hr rounds and T1000 to start. Total chips in play approx. 1M. I feel real good about my tempo, it's something I've been working on, and basically I've slowed down my NL game, and have been absorbing the right info better while, giving less info to my adversaries. I will resist the temptation to make any rash moves, but plan to play an agressive game. I just finished a light breakfast of eggs benidict (my favorite), hold the hashbrowns, and a bowl of mixed melons and pineapple. I will have my tradional 1 shot of chilled tequilla right before showtime. I feel like my edge is as sharp as it is going to be and now I just have to stay focused!

I did play one satellite this morning and Charlie "Scotty Warbucks" Shoten was at my table, He is a top tournament pro and just wrote a new book "No-limit Life". He seemed like a genuinely content, good hearted person and I enjoyed our conversation, got a signed copy of his book, and won a big pot against him on the turn w/ a check raise; my read on his hand was perfect! I know now that I can play w/ one of 2003's Cardplayer Magazine top 10 players of the year, make the right read and bring down a good pot with only a pair of 8's! 30 min's till showtime, gonna go down and get settled in.



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