Saturday, July 16, 2005

Refining my poker goals

Lately I've been vascilating online between tournament play, and ring games, but haven't put alot of emphasis on satelites to brick and mortar events. I so enjoyed the WSOP that I am going to make a concentrated effort to . . .win satellites to major poker events. I simply can't afford the 10k buy ins so I'll just have to win my way in!

Today I played a sit-n-go satellite, winner gets entry to tonights $200 online tourney, and in turn, 1 in every 56 or so win a 10k tournament entry. The sit-n-gos are filled w/ pretty weak players so there is a good overlay in those. My table was no exception, I love it when first in the pot is a limper 75% of the time! The player to my left was pretty active and early on called my raise w/ position and took away a pot on the turn leaving me w/ about T900 of my original T1500. Before long I pulled down a good pot and built my chips back to T1350. Only 1 player had busted when this hand came along. Me in MP (middle position) w/ AA, It goes limp, limp, me limp (I know slow playing aces from middle position is a bad idea, except I felt there was an above average chance the active player to my left would raise and I decided to make the slowplay), unfortunately the active donkey folded but to my delight the small blind raised! It got called, folded and I reraised getting heads up w/ the SB in position w/ AA (doesn't get any better than that). Flop kT5 rainbow. SB donkey bets out 400, I've only got 800 left but I gladly go all in knowing he'll call. I'm thinking you stoopid donkey AK no good! He does call but w/ AQ! What a donkey! Of course he rivers his Gut Shot and thats, that.

Also, last night I went to a friends b-day party that was being held in a cool private bar/lounge downtown. I ran into this gal I recognized from bar poker nights, but hadn't seen in several months. You know how poeple sometimes misconstrue the wierdest things, well as I'm walking away from the bar she walks past and says "nice hat", It came off kinda snobby, because I was wearing a black visor w/ a sports coat, and it did probably look pretty ridiculous, so in my mind I'm thinking something along the lines of what a bitch, right. Well as it turns out I bumped into her a while later and she started chatting me up about poker. She made a big lay down the other day (folded a fullhouse) and hasn't been able to get it out of her head since! I can relate to that. Well Carrie w/ a C if you make it here to donkeybait, with your looks, brains, and passion for poker you are going to be one scary player! I hope we get a chance to mix it up on the felt some time.

I thought about going to the local casino, about a 1/2 hr drive, and might later tonight, but I think I'll go to Hoot-n-Annys for a minute to see if any of my poker friends are going to be there. Remember I lost all my phone numbers when my cell phone drown, that really sux.
Well thats all for now, may stop in later.

I almost forgot, Donkeybaits' first feature stripper of the week will debut in less than 24 hrs!


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