Saturday, July 30, 2005

Not much poker to report

I stayed in last night, watched TV and pretty much just took it easy. I woke up this morning at 9:00 feeling refreshed, and then headed out to my house to do some long overdue work. I just recently put my house on the market and I'm afraid selling it may take some time. It is a unique property, very contemporary design, on 10 acres, with breathtaking views. The problem is the house only has 1 bedroom, a 1100 sq ft master. Not many people shop for contemporary homes in my market, plus the ones that do may have families. The perfect buyer for my place would be a bachelor, like myself, or an empty nest couple.

My interests sometimes border on the bizarre and to make the place more sellable I wanted to remove items that may "offend" the faint of heart. These include things like authentic voodoo masks, budda statuary, my collection of dead animals (a russian boar I killed, several geese, a lesser kudo, bear rug etc., misc. weapons like samari swords and porn. I also collect Todd McFarlane's Spawn Toy's and these look rather demonic and had to be stowed away. I opened one of the upstairs closets and a life sized inflate-a-mate, came tumbling out. (It was a gag gift/ party prop).

My friend Greg came out and helped me and together we finished the job in less than 2 hrs. Thanks also to Stacey for doing a quick, good, clean yesterday!

I really, really dislike any and all manual labor . . . I'm just not cut out for it. I've been trying to find excuses, and suceeded in putting this job off for over a week now! I know that this is a small part of the reason that poker appeals to me so much, however I am a little concerned about getting callouses from the felt, (especially along the posterior tip of your thumb where it rubs the felt when you glance at your cards)!

On a happy note, I am really looking forward to my road trip to Chicago to play in the Chicago Poker Championship.

A couple of nights ago my father and I had dinner together at this restaurant, Jacks Gourmet. I haven't been there in a while because it is a totally non-smoking establishment. So after we placed our order, we walked outside and I had a cigarette. They have a couple ashtray/urns outfront and we didn't seem to be bothering anyone. This well dressed geriatric couple ambled twards the entry and my Dad reached over and held the door for them. The old man didn't say thank you, but instead commented, in a snotty fashion "you can't do that within 20 ft of the entryway." (he was referring to a city ordinanace that bans smoking within 20 ft. of a buildings entry). I replied "what, hold a door for someone?" What a shithead! Why do people think they can but into your personal business? Anyway it was probably a good 3 minutes before my blood pressure returned to normal and I realize how little trivial things, like some asshole not minding his own god damn business, can put you on tilt. I really need to work on this, (actually I have come a long, long way), but letting people get to you is a bad thing at the poker table.

I plan to play a couple of online tourneys today, maybe go out for a drink or 2 later. Will update later if I feel like it.



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