Sunday, July 10, 2005

Illadvised bodog sports/poker wagers, partial results

The other day I logged onto and made my first deposit there for $100, I got an immediate 20% bonus so with my $120 bankroll I started handicapping the poker bets. The first thing I noticed was that the payoffs were horrible, many pros feel that in the field of 5600 plus,. . . the best player in the world would still be a 1000 to 1 dog and bodog (should be "UdaDog") will gladly pay 80 to 1 on say Daniel Negreanu to win, obviously these are sucker bets, but just for fun I did place a few last longer wagers. Basically this is a match up of 2 poker pros and you win the bet if the pro you pick outlasts the the other pro (- 140 for example would mean that you have to wager $14 to win $10 if that was your pick), here are my picks:

Chau Giang even vs. Doyle Brunson -140
I bet 40 on Chau and won! Total +40

Mark Sief -120 vs. Devilfish -120
Bet 20 on MS result lost :( . Total +20

Barry Greenstein -120 vs. Daniel Negreanu -120
Bet 20 on Barry Greenstein and won! ( only won $16.60 though because of the line, -120)
Total +36.60

Barry Greenstein -120 vs. Gus Hansen -120
Bet $20 on Barry and lost, Total +$16.60

Not to bad against those odds! I still have 1 open wager on Dan Harrington for $20 to outlast all previous wsop winners, it pays 10 to 1, so I'll either be up $260.60 or down $3.40 after that wager is closed, doesn't look good though, Harrington is pretty short stacked... more later



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