Tuesday, July 12, 2005

I made it,

to the Rio that is. What a morning, I overslept, nearly missed my flight. . . but all is good. I showed up at the Rio about 1 hour ago, and went str8 to the convention center where the WSOP is being held, Mike Matasow is on the ESPN featured table but it's pretty hard to get close enough for a good look. As of 15 minutes ago they were down to 163 players in the main event. Next I went over to the New Player Registration booth and got signed up. They will be running single table satellites at 4pm (sats are mini 1 table tourneys, the winner wins entry into a bigger tourney, so for me I'll play against 9 other players, $100 each, and the winner will win a $1000 chip.). A special thanks to all of my backers:

Emily 10%
Greg 5%
Sondra 5%
Rob 2%
Bill 1%
Matt 1%

I promise I'll play my heart out!

Apparently I spilt a cocktail on my phone last night and I cant get it to take a charge or turn on which really sux because my cell was also my camera! I've been meaning to get a new phone anyway, so maybe I'll buy a new one tonight so I can upload more pictures of the event!

This blue tooth wireless thing is really cool. W/ my laptop I had 2 choices for connecting to the internet, the rooms ethernet cable for $9.95 a day or some random highsppeed wirless network that my computer located. So far it's working great!

There are only a couple of things that I want to do while I am here:

Play Poker
Check out the New Winn casino's poker room
Check out the Palms Hotel and Casino

I'm gonna go grab a bite to eat, and then head over to the convention center for the satellites, hopefully I can find another wireless network down there so I can send more updates. Chow for now . . .



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