Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Going to bed, updates

WSOP Main Event:
58 players remain, they play down to 27 tomorrow, then they finish the last 2 days downtown at the Horseshoe.
100th place paid 77k and change, 27th place will pay over 300k, 1st 7.5 M
Notables: Phil Ivey is currently in 2nd chip place w/ 2.7M, Mike Matusow 1.5M, Greg "fossilman" Raymer 1.3M, John Juanda 950k (therer are a total of 56+M chips in play!), Ivey has approx. 5% of all chips in play!

Now over 15oo unique visitors to!!!

I went to the Wynn tonight . . .after my second satelllite. Of course the Wynn is beautiful , but when you hear all the buzz it's kind of hard to live up to all the Hype. I can say that I still find the Mirage more capativating the the new Wynn. I'll upload some pics of the Wynn tomorrow. Daniel Negreanu is the "poker ambassador" for the Wynn's poker room, he wasn't their tonight though. They say he stops by about twice a week, ( does that mean 1 time a week?). All 27 tables were full and the list was long, so I took a few quick pics and headed twards the Palms. The Palms is not all that! Their Ghost Bar has been built up to be all that but it just looks like a cheesy, b-film sci-fi movie set. And their reknown skin bar is a tacky nightclub held outside by the pool, complete w/ concrete chairs in the pool. The Poker room on the other hand had it's ups. Their poker room is actually 2 rooms seperated by about 15 ft, w/ 6 tables per "side". One side is all low limit, the other side beneath a sign reading "High Limit Poker" consisted of only 2-5 NL hold'em. The game was juicy!!!, big pots, lots of donkeys, I think I'll go back.

Ok now for my updates . . .

Satellite #2 started off good. During the first round I had ATo 3 times in 4 hands, played it once and built my stake up through a few prudent steals and 1 good sized pot scoop to T1550 (T just means tourney chips). This interesting hand came up late in round 3, blinds are 100/200, I'm in the big blind looking at AJo (the best starting hand I had the entire satellite!), there are 6 players left and it's folded to the button who calls, the small blind completes his bet, and I raise to 400 str8 leaving me w/ T1000. The button folded and the small blind put me all in. This guy had some game, was agressive, and the deck had been running through him. after putting me all in he still had about T1700left. I went in the Tank, and really analyzed the situation and ultimately decided to fold and pick a better spot. I think I had the best hand but at the same time was at best only a 60-40 favorite. I felt I could outplay these guys and with any cards at all set a trap with less risk. I folded, he said he had AQ, but I didn't believe him for 1 second! Unfortunately my cards went dead, the blinds doubled and before long I was down to T500. I ended up all in on the BB w/ k6o, which happened to be the best hand I had seen since the aj! On hindsite I wish I would have called w/ the aj.

At the Palms I in a 2-5 NL ring game for 3 hrs, boutght in for $500 and left with $472. I misplayed one hand that cost me $70, and scooped one big $335 pot w/ TT when I flopped a set. I was gonna gloss over these 2 hands and go to bed but here's how that hand went down. Me button TT, I limper, I raise to 20 , sb folds, bb calls, limper calls.. Flop t83 2 clubs. check, check, and I check. Turn 8c, bb bets 40, limper folds , I raise to 135 total. BB says "you got a flush too" now I know he doesn't have a flush, and fell a lot better. I had to raise to 135 because I thought his most likely holding was a flush draw and had to take away his odds, If he called he was making a mistake. Anyways he did call and the river blanked, he checked as did I and my set of T's beat his trip 8's. Outside of that hand the cards really didn't like me and even theough the table was about a good as it gets, with the exception of the 1 hand I feel that I really messed up, all in all I played reallly, really good solid poker, made good reads and was happy with my play. Goodnight all, gotta get a good nights sleep, I'm gonna be on tomorrow!


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