Sunday, July 24, 2005

Big 100k next Sunday, Todays Result

Went to register in the 100K event and the server denied my registration! I guess I waited to long or something, anyways, I still have the entry to a 100K event for next week!

Played the 10k shootout at Bugsy's Club, 192 players everyone starts w/ T10,000. Quickly built my stack up to T14,000, when this dreadful hand occured.

100/200 blinds and it's folded to me on the button w/QTs, I raise to 600, idiot donkey in the BB calls. Flop 6,T,8. He bets out the pot, I call w/ top pair and the 3rd nut flush draw. Turn, Q. He bets out the pot, I call with top 2 pair, 3rd nut flush draw. I really didn't want to play a big pot here because he had alot of chips and it was early on in the tournament (sometime soon I'll post about strategy behind controlling pot size in tournaments). I felt like he had either AT, or an overpair. He had played top pair this way several hands ago. What do you do? definately not going to fold my top 2 and flush draw to this donkey who plays top pair bad kicker like the nuts. River was an offsuit rag, he bets 5k (less than the pot), I deliberate and call. Donkey shows 79o for the flopped straight. What an donkey! called my raise out of position with trash, oh well, it's unfortunate that he got my chips, because he'll never make the money. I've still got 3k left, not long after this I get JJ and make the standard raise, AKo reraises, I call, he hits on the flop. When these things happen in tournaments there isn't much you can do.



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