Friday, July 29, 2005

Best Hand, Best Draw, and a Cab

The 7:00 bar game started off kinda shaky. I was down to about 7k of my original 8.5 when blinds jumped to 1k/2k. Caleb had been playing real active and he limped in, I felt he was weak and went all in w/ 25o from the small blind and picked it up. The very next hand I dealt myself 88, Paul limped this time, I went all in, they folded and now I had a nice little chip stack.

1 rotation later I find myself in the big blind w/ A6s. Paul limped from middle position, the button called, and I rapped the table. (I thought about raising, but decided to see the flop, I wish I had raised now). Flop comes J,8,4, w/ 2 spades. I've now got the nut flush draw with an over card. I felt like this was a good flop for my hand, how should I play it, hmmmmm. I've got about 16k in chips and the pot is 7k, hmmmm, the button has about 10k and paul has about the same number of chips as I do. I decide to fire out 4k, figuring I may just bring it down right here. Paul goes all in over the top, the button folds, and I go into the tank. I decided that Paul was on a draw, probably a lesser flush draw than me. I call, he shows 9,To for an open ended str8 draw. Excellent, I'm over 70% to win the hand . . . turn off suit 7! Ouch, now I'm a big dog, the river blanked and I counted down my stack hoping to have a chip or 2 left but as it turned out our stacks were identical and I was out. I really, really liked the read, and made a great call but hey thats poker!

In the 10:00 game, the $1200 cash game, My friend Matt and I swapped out 30% of whatever we won, and Peeps and I bet a $10 last longer. Last longers are just a side bet where who ever last longest out of the participants wins the side pot.

First hand, I'm in the big blind, blinds are 250/500, 8 handed and early position guy raises to 2500 straight, the button calls, and I look down to find A3s. I've played with the button before and he's hard to read, but plays solid. I decide it's time to take control of the table, plus there is alot in the center, and I didn't sense any real strength out there. I'm all in! Early position limper thinks and calls, the button calls instantly, oooops. Early position guy shows TT, wow bad call, the button has KK, but there is a beautiful A on the flop. All is well untill a king gets turned and I'm out. Damn, I was in the zone too. Atleast the best hand held up! I've thought about that play a little, and feel comfortable with it. I think the TT should have folded, and ofcourse the KK was right to call, funny slowplay call though. If he had raised I would have been out of there, but with the speed of these things, there was just so much to gain by taking control of the table right then and there, Only a premium hand was likely to call my all in.

Next a bunch of us headed out for drinks and then It was back to the club, where I smartly decided to call a cab.


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