Sunday, July 24, 2005

$2 rebuy madness, many mullets, and a well ran horse!

I've always said that I didn't like rebuy tournaments. But I've gotta tellya the $2 frenzy on paradise was actually kinda fun. I managed to get $20 into the tournament and after the rebuy period was over, at one point was in 3rd place.

Let me back up for a moment. Last night I went to visit my parents, they live about 45 minutes from me. I thought I could get a good nights sleep, and wake up refreshed, have a hearty breakfast, and then kick ass in todays tournaments. Instead, my father and I walked over to this internet cafe where I had 2 glasses of reisling. Next I walked over to a bar called The Post Office, and listened to some of the worst kareokee I've ever come across, and managed to consume 3 captains's with just a splash of sprite. I couldn't handle the country music covers, so I walked across the street to the billiards parlor, that was good for 2 more cocktails. (see picture of poorly tatooed, mohawk touting, mullet wearing, teeth missing freaks) I enquired as to what other bars were in the vacinity and was informed that there was a place next to the police station called Whisky Wild, and they had a live band!

This is where I lose count, but I know I had 2 shots, 1 jaggerbomb, 1 hypnotic, and probably 6 to 8 more coctails*. The band, Tango somethin or other, played hard rock 80's covers (my favorite) and was really, really good! I actually made a couple of new friends and had a really good time. -Maggie, drop me a line when you make it by:).

Well I stumbled out of Whisky's at about 1:30 and headed for the house, powered up the ole laptop and played poker. The rebuy tournament was alot of fun, I am going to officially change my opinion on rebuy tournaments from don't like to a fun change of pace.

I will post today's tournament results later, oh and by the way, I busted out around 15th out of 45 or so in the $2 rebuy.

*coctails, unless individually specified indicates a libation made with Captain Morgan's spiced rum and just a "splash" of sprite. No need to spare the horses!


On a more somber note, a friend of mine called late last night, and her brother died in a motorcycle accident. I had met him on several occasions and he had a good heart. Brett, sorry we never got a chance to go shooting together. My heart goes out to V and her family.


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