Wednesday, July 20, 2005

1st Place good for $15 tab

I played in our local bar league, last night. When we got down to the final table someone mentioned that the winner got a $15 bar tab, I responded, rather cockily, dam, I knew I should have started a tab tonight (as opposed to paying for my drinks as I went). The poker gods chose not to punish me for this display of arrogance though and I went on to win. Heads up w/ Dave, a player I had never met before and who, imho, played very well. We went heads up for about 40 mins, at the beginning he had about 160K and I had about 35K or so. I did find one tell on Dave that helped me pick off a couple of key bluffs, but other than that he was a difficult unpredictable player. We swapped the lead back and forth several times before I finally won w/ AKo, I checked it pre. flop came rags, I checked he went all in, since it was an unraised pot he could easily have a pair. Me 2 overs and a backdoor flush draw. I finally felt that he was making a move, and he showed 56 for an open ended str8 draw, my overs held up and I won!

Next I went down to trumans bar and gril. a local wifi hotspot, and entered into an online tourney at BoDog. No luck there and it was off the the boats. Closed down the poker room at about 4:00 am this morning. The game was 2-5 NL and the buyin was $300. I left w/ only $282 of my orignal 300, after tipping etc. Best 2 card hand of the night AQo, never once had a pocket pair. I did win a nice pot w/ my AQ, heres how it went down.

7 handed play, I'm in the big blind and it's folded to Kenny on the Button. Kenny is an older guy who doesn't bluff alot, but does mix up how he plays his starting hands. He was also stuck for the day and had been playing more aggressive pre-flop than I had ever see him play before. I was getting tired of mucking my trash to his re-raises and decided the AQ was the hand to make a stand on. He made it 40 to go, hmmmmm, I felt like he really didn't want a call here, perhaps jj,tt,99. Since I was out of position I really wanted to take it down here, before the flop and felt that another 40 would do the trick w/ him. He really didn't want a call, much less a re-raise. Well, he said " I really kinda wanted to play these cards" and he thought about it for a good min. He calls. Now I know he doesn't Have AA,KK,QQ, or AK, he would have called much sooner. Flop AJJ, uuutt oh, I'm first to act. The problem here is that If he doesn't have AA, KK, QQ, or AK (Donkey Baits group 1 hands include ako, sklansky is wrong on this one)* what hand does he have that doesn't contain a J? I fired out 100 going with my earlier read, he's probably got TT but could have AQ like me. He quickly mucked his TT. Gotta go, I'll check back later.

*Especially in NL, AK can be a great hand because it is alot easier to dump than AA, or KK. if the flop missed you, you have nothing, if the flop hits you, you have top pair, top kicker, and likely your opponet has less outs than if you held AA or KK, because you are using part of the flop! . AA, KK are only 1 pair and often marry you to a big pot and a big loss. I'm not sure why Sklansky overvalues AKs as compared to AK, but either way he's wrong! AKo is a quality group 1 hand in my book.



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